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Very Motivating Talk for Entrepreneurs

I’m pretty sure not many coders would be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuck. At first I thought the guy was a bit up himself but after watching this video I have to say I’m impressed. His product (Wine Library) doesn’t interest me much but his enthusiasm and ability to grow a brand does.

It starts off a bit slow with Loic Lemeur (founder of Seesmic) introducing him but it isn’t long before Gary is spitting out gems like “loving your audience is how you build a business. PERIOD!” (2:36 in the vid).

All up this video should hopefully re-energise, re-motivate and help you focus on your customers and grow your business :)

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$37,000 day iPhone App

My brother sent me a link to an article about an iPhone app (well, a game) that’s made the developer a heap of moolah in a short space of time. That’s every developer’s dream.

The game is called iShoot. I’ve only had my iPhone for a month and funnily enough, this is one of the few apps that I’ve downloaded (got the free version and it’s great).

What I can’t understand is how many people commented on that article abusing Ethan Nicholas (the developer of iShoot). Whether it be abusing him for copying Scorched Earth (which no doubt had similarities to games before it – especially Tank Wars on the Amiga), or people calling him a bad father because he wants to hire a nanny, so many people criticised him.

I say – GOOD ON HIM! :) While all these people bitched and moaned about insignificant things, this guy got off his ass and actually did something useful with his time. Now that he’s reaping the rewards you can see who the jealous people are.

Instead of being jealous, people should find this inspirational. The App Store is by far the best software distribution platform out there today. I certainly cannot remember a distribution platform that makes it so easy for small development teams (even single developers) to be able to touch such a large audience.

Regardless of whether you’re an iPhone developer or a PHP developer or what, Ethan Nicholas’ story is very motivational. The term “Just Do It” comes to mind… sometimes that’s the only difference between the winners and the losers in this world :)

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