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IE 6 Must Die, But Which Browser For Me?

I am starting to develop some little and big projects, one inevitable question is: do I support IE6?

Well, my personal take is, I will *try* to make my sites and apps compatible with IE6, but only if the consequences (i.e. increased development time and code complexity) are negligible.

Naturally, I would want to direct my IE6 users to a “stop IE6 / save the developers” kind of site, encouraging them to upgrade their browser. After some quick Google searches, I can’t actually find one that is simple and pretty.

So, I reinvented the wheels. Meet!

Please spread the site around and tweet about it, so more and more web developers and designers can start using it, and hopefully more and more users will become aware of the fact that using IE6 is a bad thing.

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Wuit – building web applications that make sense

Okay, here is a *very* early teaser, please check out Wuit. Make sure you sign up for the notification, we will inform you about our products and services once they become available.

In a nutshell, Wuit will develop a series of open source and commercial applications, stay tuned. :-)

Meanwhile, please feel free to follow us: @wuitcom, @fredwu and @scotti3g.

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Release: [Kohana Module] Authlite, for User Authentication

Latest release: v1.2.3

Initially I was going to wait for my Layerful Framework (a transparent layering framework for Kohana) to mature before releasing its bundled modules. However, since this Authlite module can be used independently to Layerful, I am releasing it now.

What is Authlite

Authlite is a user authentication module for Kohana.

What’s the difference between Authlite and Auth?

Kohana comes with an official Auth module which does exactly what was described in the last paragraph, so why another module then?

It is because Authlite offers greater flexibilty. Please read the features outlined below to find more.


  • Legacy database compatibility
  • Configurable database columns
  • Multiple instances of Authlite
  • Does not enforce user roles
  • Auth-like syntax and usage
  • Lightweight


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Layerful Screencast: Transparent Layer in Action

Okay, so what is a transparent layer? How does it benefit a developer?

Well, please watch the screencast (4min, 12MB) first, you will see the transparent layer in action.

To me, I wanted to make a framework that is more feature-rich than Kohana but at the same time is not intrusive. By having this transparent middle-man layer, a developer is able to seamlessly enhance the Kohana framework without altering the existing user application.

It might not be useful to everyone but what the heck, it at least is useful to one person, me. :D

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Layerful + Kohana + Zend Framework = Easy User Applications

Here is a brief overview of the system workflow:

Application framework workflow

Of course the actual system will be a lot more complex due to cross-referencing components, modules, libraries, helpers, but you get the idea. :)

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Layerful Framework Performance in Kohana

Yesterday I have (sort of) announced the work on the framework based on Kohana and Zend Framework.

It is in early development stage but here is how it performs in Kohana. Granted it doesn’t do much at this stage. The screenshot below showcases the performance of the ‘transparent layer’ support, using the default Kohana profiler.

Layerful Framework Performance

I will soon post a chart on how the framework relates to and integrates with Kohana and Zend Framework. :)

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