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Branding – Russell Brand Style

Russell Brand is a very good example of how to build a brand. In Russell’s case, his brand is being a lothario. In the last year I’ve seen countless articles in the Australian media referring to Russell Brand as a lothario. Lothario Russell Brand blah blah blah… you get the picture. I thought only Shakespeare used the term lothario but Russell has brought it back to 2009.

There was even talk that the way Russ wooed a girl while waiting for a ferry in Australia was staged. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russ has marketing people pushing his lothario image.

Search for lothario in Google News or Goolgle Image search and you’ll no doubt see several Russell entries on the first page of each.

So what does all this have to do with this site? Well, if you’re developing a web app, an iPhone app or some other bit of software you can do yourself a world of favours by establishing your brand.

When you’re Russell Brand you can get the media to push your brand fairly easily. When you’re Joe Schmoe software developer you have to do things a little differently. Media outlets will generally be more than happy to publish articles about your product of service provided your article has a unique and newsworthy spin to it (and isn’t a clear promotional article).

As an example, let’s keep with the lothario theme. Say you have a dating web site you want to get press coverage for. Instead of writing an article saying “here’s my great dating web site and you can join for free”, you might write an article on celebrities that have tried internet dating. Or maybe write about how the number of people getting married who met on the net has jumped X% in the last 5 years.

Whatever your angle, make it interesting, make it memorable.

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Very Motivating Talk for Entrepreneurs

I’m pretty sure not many coders would be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuck. At first I thought the guy was a bit up himself but after watching this video I have to say I’m impressed. His product (Wine Library) doesn’t interest me much but his enthusiasm and ability to grow a brand does.

It starts off a bit slow with Loic Lemeur (founder of Seesmic) introducing him but it isn’t long before Gary is spitting out gems like “loving your audience is how you build a business. PERIOD!” (2:36 in the vid).

All up this video should hopefully re-energise, re-motivate and help you focus on your customers and grow your business :)

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Mac vs PC, Mac vs Sumo Salad

I came across an ad for Sumo Salad the other day (a “healthy fast food” chain here in Australia):

It’s a good play on words making Mac a Big Mac, but overall very unoriginal and rather boring after the first “hello” lines. How can they blatantly copy the Mac ads so much (especially the music) – I know it’s a parody but you have to draw the line somewhere.

I don’t know if Apple would be happy having “Mac” in this ad as the bloated, fat, slow kid… they wouldn’t want people to associate actual Macs with bloat and slowness would they? :)

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