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Authlite 2.0 for Kohana 3.0 Alpha Testing

If you are using Kohana 2.x, please use Authlite 1.x, otherwise, you are welcome to check out the new code tailored for Kohana 3.0.

Please check out the code on Github.

So far I’ve only spent a little bit of time to make it work on Kohana 3.0, but I will be addressing some known issues and adding more features in the next few days. :)

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jQuery Slideshow Lite Plugin Updated (Major Rewrite)

The jQuery Slideshow Lite plugin is updated with new features!

This is a major rewrite which fixed the known issue of not being able to change slides instantly via pagination clicks.

The new version also adds automatic photo caption display.

Enjoy! :)

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SyntaxHighlighter Plus No Longer Being Maintained

SyntaxHighlighter Plus, a fork of the original SyntaxHighlighter plugin by Viper007Bond was first released on the 16th of December, 2007. For over a year, it has served many WordPress blogs that were having issues with Viper007Bond’s original SyntaxHighlighter plugin which was not being maintained for a very long time before my fork’s initial release.

The fork’s purpose was to address some of the unsolved issues of the original plugin. A few months ago Alex, the original author of the SyntaxHighlighter has released version 2.0 of this wonderful script. It was written from the ground up and has fixed a lot of issues people were having with the old script.

Now, Viper007Bond has released his implementation based on the new code, and has renamed his project to SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. It is also a brand new codebase and it has fixed a number of issues users have reported to both his and my plugins.

The users of both plugins should be excited to see Viper007Bond’s come back, I know I am. :)

As a result of this, I am now abandoning SyntaxHighlighter Plus in favour of Viper007Bond’s SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. If and when the latter project is no longer being maintained, I will fork it again and make sure we, the WordPress users, will always have this wonderful syntax highlighter at our disposal.

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jQuery Endless Scroll Updated

The jQuery Endless Scroll plugin has been updated.

A bug caused by ‘fireDelay‘ is fixed.

Please head over to the release post or the jQuery plugin site for the download link.

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Yii Kohana Bridge updated: full Kohana flavour now added!

I have just pushed some updates to the Git repository.

The entire Kohana distribution is now included. The bridging class is now renamed to ‘Kbridge’.

Not all helpers and libraries will work at the moment, especially the ones that reference Kohana core classes. I am however planning to bridge the core classes and configuration files for tighter integration.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. :)

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SyntaxHighlighter Plus v1.0b2 Released

I have just updated SyntaxHighlighter Plus to v1.0b2. Please see the project page.

If you have been using v1.0b2 already, please re-download the package and overwrite the existing one, as WordPress had mistakenly put the SVN version tag for v1.0b2.

Change log:

I will contribute to the Alex’s SyntaxHighlighter project for problems and bugs people have reported. Contributed code will then be merged back to SyntaxHighlighter Plus.

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