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Apple Magic Mouse Review on Mac.Appstorm

I have published a review of the Apple Magic Mouse on Mac.Appstorm, please go check it out if you are interested. :)

Apple Magic Mouse

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iPhone firmware 3.0: A quick fix for messed up app icons

If you searched Google, you’d find that messed up app icons is a common problem of iPhone’s 3.0 firmware.

Until Apple releases a fix (possibly in firmware 3.1?), there is a quick and easy fix. Everything is done on your iPhone, you don’t need access to your iTunes library.

1) Remove an app that has incorrect icon (preferably one that has no data stored on your iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about losing data).

2) Download and install the app again from App Store.

3) As the application is being installed, hold the power button and turn off your iPhone!

4) Turn your iPhone back on. You would now notice that all application icons are back to normal. The application you were installing is installed as well.

Hope this tip benefits some people. :)

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Old Phones Vs iPhone

This Cell Phone Family Reunion is a good watch – mainly for the very very last scene – “that’s not what iPhone is made for” – hilarious! :)

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$37,000 day iPhone App

My brother sent me a link to an article about an iPhone app (well, a game) that’s made the developer a heap of moolah in a short space of time. That’s every developer’s dream.

The game is called iShoot. I’ve only had my iPhone for a month and funnily enough, this is one of the few apps that I’ve downloaded (got the free version and it’s great).

What I can’t understand is how many people commented on that article abusing Ethan Nicholas (the developer of iShoot). Whether it be abusing him for copying Scorched Earth (which no doubt had similarities to games before it – especially Tank Wars on the Amiga), or people calling him a bad father because he wants to hire a nanny, so many people criticised him.

I say – GOOD ON HIM! :) While all these people bitched and moaned about insignificant things, this guy got off his ass and actually did something useful with his time. Now that he’s reaping the rewards you can see who the jealous people are.

Instead of being jealous, people should find this inspirational. The App Store is by far the best software distribution platform out there today. I certainly cannot remember a distribution platform that makes it so easy for small development teams (even single developers) to be able to touch such a large audience.

Regardless of whether you’re an iPhone developer or a PHP developer or what, Ethan Nicholas’ story is very motivational. The term “Just Do It” comes to mind… sometimes that’s the only difference between the winners and the losers in this world :)

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Put Your Macbook Air in An Envelope, For Real!

I assume everyone is already familiar with Apple’s Macbook Air commercial. :)

I just bought a nice companion for my Macbook Air, a lovely ‘envelope’ as seen on TV. :D

The moment I saw this sleeve, I smiled and immediately placed an order. It was designed by an Australian designer: Shuky. (Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with them in any way.)

A few photos of this lovely, creative piece and my Macbook Air.

Two more photos after the break.


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Sequel Pro: Time to Ditch CocoaMySQL (Almost!)

For a very very long time, a lot of MySQL developers are stuck with the abandoned CocoaMySQL. Even though there are a number of other products exist, such as the GUI Tools from MySQL, Navicat and YourSQL, many developers include myself still find CocoaMySQL more user friendly (not in terms of the features but the overall ‘feel’ of the application).

Today I have stumbled across a new application: Sequel Pro. It is a fork of CocoaMySQL just like CocoaMySQL SBG, but unlike the latter, Sequel Pro is actively under development and the latest stable version ( v0.9.2 ) was released on October 21, 2008.

The first thing I noticed is the performance boost. In CocoaMySQL, browsing a table with thousands of records could be a pain thing to do, Sequel Pro has fixed this issue and the performance matches most of other tools.

Interface wise there is not much difference between the two, I suspect the GUI will be refined in the future because there are some minor issues such as missing icons.

One feature I hope they will implement soon, is the ability to reorder table fields, the last thing I want to do is to fire up YourSQL (or PhpMyAdmin) just for reordering some fields.

One annoying bug I’ve discovered shortly after using it, is that the connection window (CMD + N) has some major issues accepting correct passwords. If I create two new connections with the same username, the two usernames are forced to have the same passwords, weird behaviour.

Having said that, Sequel Pro is still a welcoming product that holds a future. The performance increase along warrants the ‘migration’ from CocoaMySQL.

Let’s wait and see how the project goes. :)

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