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Macbook Pro arrived, iPhone on its way :)

Last night I stayed up really late doing some usual reading and researching, I think it was 6:00AM that I finally went to bed. 11:00AM this morning, door being knocked, I quickly jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door, yup that’s right, it was TNT Express, my Macbook Pro was arrived. :)

I had been waiting for this moment for so long. Before I got this new Macbook Pro, I design graphics on my Windows XP desktop (Q6600 + 4GB RAM) and do all development work on my 12″ Powerbook (1.33GHz G4, 768MB RAM), trust me, it was a pain. Even the Windows desktop was playing nasty, Photoshop and Illustrator quit on me constantly despite the fact that I keep my computer clean and organised (and virus-free obviously).

It feels so relieved to be working exclusively on the OS X platform, I think my productivity will increase.

Okay, in the last few days I started looking for phones. I currently use a Sony Ericsson S500i as my primary phone and a Nokia N80 (kinda broken) as backup. They’re both 2G phones, so I was going to buy a 3G phone, either Nokia E65 which is free on a $29 cap plan on Three Australia or Nokia N82 outright on Ebay. I was so sure that one of these phones will become my primary phone for the next few months…

Until I hit ‘’.

Being extremely busy for the last couple of weeks I rarely watch IT news or forums, it wasn’t until yesterday that I had just noticed the latest Apple keynote on the iPhone roadmap. I watched it, then immediately I logged onto Ebay and started looking for iPhone.

But why? You might ask. Well, to me iPhone was a piece of useless equipment. All 3rd party applications are essentially web applications that work only in Safari. I was really disappointed because iPhone is powered by OS X, not allowing 3rd party developers develop on the system level is just… weak and wasted.

The release of iPhone SDK is like a dream come true to me. Perhaps I overreacted a little bit but I do think ahead, and I believe this will truly push the mobile / portable industry to a whole new level.

Without further delay, I quickly snapped an iPhone on Ebay and it should arrive within the next few days.

I have never done Objective-C before, I have never touched XCode before, heck I have never even done desktop programming before. That won’t stop me from brainstorming ideas though. Hopefully within the next few month some cool applications will be released. Stay tuned. ;)

By the way, I spent all day today installing favourite applications on the Macbook Pro. Here’s a list of some of the applications I use, if you’re interested. :)

  • Textmate – This application is the primary reason I migrated to OS X
  • Adium – Do I need to explain? ;)
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 – I mainly only use Photoshop and Illustrator, but will get into Flash and ActionScript later on
  • Adobe Lightroom – I’m an amateur photographer hey!
  • AppZapper – Remove applications with all the trash they leave behind :)
  • BetterZip – Nice archiving utility that supports a big list of formats
  • Chmox – Some ebooks are only available in CHM format…
  • ChronoSync – Where TimeMachine lacks…
  • CleanApp – Similar to AppZapper, not as good for removing related junk but has some more features that are quite useful
  • CSSEdit – I only ever coded CSS in normal text editors (e.g. Textmate) but now I think I’m going to give CSSEdit a try, to see if it will increase my productivity
  • Firefox – With almost 30 plugins installed!
  • iShowU – I will be creating some screencasts down the road
  • iWork 08 – I love Keynote :)
  • Linotype FontExplorer X – Font manager, a must have for designers
  • Little Snitch – A firewall, just in case ;)
  • MAMP – The essential package for L/M/WAMP developers
  • Microsoft Office 2008 – Ah, the evil ;)
  • NFOViewer – You know why :)
  • QIM – I speak and write Chinese
  • Quicksilver – Magic, magic, magic…
  • StuffIt Expander – People should stop distributing .sitx files! They are annoying!
  • Transmit – FTP
  • VMWare Fusion – Windows XP SP2, with some exclusive applications like… Internet Explorer…

If you know some other cool applications, give us a buzz!

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