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iPhone battery life, I am impressed

Total usage: 7 hours (1h WIFI, 10m calls, 30 SMSes, the rest were all video playback)
Standby time: 4 days and 18 hours
Remaining battery: 12%

I think this is quite impressive. :)

UPDATE @ 15th April 2008:

Battery ran out completely today, with the following usage data:

Total usage: 10 hours (1h WIFI, 30min calls, the rest were all video playback)
Standby time: 6 days

Impressive! :)

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My iPhone is arrived, hello SDK

So I was really impressed with the release of iPhone SDK, I went ahead and ordered an iPhone from the US. Today I received the package, brand new sealed, it is the 16GB version.

Even though Apple is kind enough to provide an iPhone emulator for developers, I still think it’s a good idea to get a real one, play with it and be familiar with the user experience.

Hopefully a couple of months from now I am able to put together something useful. ;)

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Macbook Pro arrived, iPhone on its way :)

Last night I stayed up really late doing some usual reading and researching, I think it was 6:00AM that I finally went to bed. 11:00AM this morning, door being knocked, I quickly jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door, yup that’s right, it was TNT Express, my Macbook Pro was arrived. :)

I had been waiting for this moment for so long. Before I got this new Macbook Pro, I design graphics on my Windows XP desktop (Q6600 + 4GB RAM) and do all development work on my 12″ Powerbook (1.33GHz G4, 768MB RAM), trust me, it was a pain. Even the Windows desktop was playing nasty, Photoshop and Illustrator quit on me constantly despite the fact that I keep my computer clean and organised (and virus-free obviously).

It feels so relieved to be working exclusively on the OS X platform, I think my productivity will increase.

Okay, in the last few days I started looking for phones. I currently use a Sony Ericsson S500i as my primary phone and a Nokia N80 (kinda broken) as backup. They’re both 2G phones, so I was going to buy a 3G phone, either Nokia E65 which is free on a $29 cap plan on Three Australia or Nokia N82 outright on Ebay. I was so sure that one of these phones will become my primary phone for the next few months…

Until I hit ‘’.


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Penryn-based, multi-touch Macbook Pros are finally here!

Sweet! While I was fixing up my blog template (separate trackbacks from normal comments), I noticed that Apple has finally given us the updated Macbooks and Macbook Pros! :D

Penryn platform, multi-touch trackpad, doubled VRAM, bigger harddrive and slightly lower price, sounds wonderful. I know I will be ordering one soon before my ADC subscription expires :)

P.S. Right now I do all development work on a very dated 12″ Powerbook with 1.33GHz G4 CPU + 768M RAM despite having my Quad-core + 4G RAM PC desktop.

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