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iPhone firmware 3.0: A quick fix for messed up app icons

If you searched Google, you’d find that messed up app icons is a common problem of iPhone’s 3.0 firmware.

Until Apple releases a fix (possibly in firmware 3.1?), there is a quick and easy fix. Everything is done on your iPhone, you don’t need access to your iTunes library.

1) Remove an app that has incorrect icon (preferably one that has no data stored on your iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about losing data).

2) Download and install the app again from App Store.

3) As the application is being installed, hold the power button and turn off your iPhone!

4) Turn your iPhone back on. You would now notice that all application icons are back to normal. The application you were installing is installed as well.

Hope this tip benefits some people. :)

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Comments Section

4 Responses to “iPhone firmware 3.0: A quick fix for messed up app icons”

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  1. 1

    You’ve gotta love bizarre “solutions” like this hehe :) But thanks for the tip ;)

    Is it only a 3GS thing as I haven’t had it (yet?) on my 3G..

  2. 2

    Cool fix. The way I found to fix it is to do the following (Only works on Jailbroken devices):

    1. Uninstall the Problem apps.
    2. Restart iPhone/iPod
    3. Reinstall apps
    4. SSH into device and locate the folder that contains the Apps in question.
    5. Find the ‘icon.png’ file in each apps folder and change the file permissions to 0444.

    This will permanently fix the icon for the app.

  3. 3

    Thanks for the post, I came across it when I was searching adive on how to repair my broken iphone. It

  4. 4

    Worked perfectly!
    I had 40 problem apps, would have taken forever to delete and re-install.

    thanks very, very much!

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