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SyntaxHighlighter Plus: Now Supports Bash and WordPress MU

A while ago Tim and Nick Anderson have submitted their patches to me (big applause to them!), today I finally have the time to include the patches to the official WordPress repository.

Please head to the plugin page or the WordPress page for more information.

Caution: If you have altered your CSS file, make sure you back it up if you’re going to use WordPress 2.5′s automatic plugin upgrade.

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Comments Section

3 Responses to “SyntaxHighlighter Plus: Now Supports Bash and WordPress MU”

Sidebar might be covered by comments ... consider it a feature! ;)
  1. 1

    There are 2 problems with this last contribution…

    1) Scrollbars are shown on IE navigators :( , in firefox goes fine.

    2) The CSS implemented for this contribution doesn’t validate trought the validator.

    You can see the 2 errors:

  2. 2

    Thanks Jordi.

    The scroll bar in IE is now fixed!

    Re the CSS validate error: overflow-y is a valid CSS 3 element and it is the only way (that I know of) to fix the unnecessary IE vertical scroll bar. If the error is a concern to you, you may eliminate it by removing the ‘overflow-y: hidden;’ from the CSS.

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