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Authlite 2.0 for Kohana 3.0 Alpha Testing

If you are using Kohana 2.x, please use Authlite 1.x, otherwise, you are welcome to check out the new code tailored for Kohana 3.0.

Please check out the code on Github.

So far I’ve only spent a little bit of time to make it work on Kohana 3.0, but I will be addressing some known issues and adding more features in the next few days. :)

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Release: [Kohana Module] Authlite, for User Authentication

Latest release: v1.2.3

Initially I was going to wait for my Layerful Framework (a transparent layering framework for Kohana) to mature before releasing its bundled modules. However, since this Authlite module can be used independently to Layerful, I am releasing it now.

What is Authlite

Authlite is a user authentication module for Kohana.

What’s the difference between Authlite and Auth?

Kohana comes with an official Auth module which does exactly what was described in the last paragraph, so why another module then?

It is because Authlite offers greater flexibilty. Please read the features outlined below to find more.


  • Legacy database compatibility
  • Configurable database columns
  • Multiple instances of Authlite
  • Does not enforce user roles
  • Auth-like syntax and usage
  • Lightweight


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