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[Screenshot] Windows 7 is Created From The Future

Today I decided to upgrade my Windows 7 build 7000 to the latest build 7057. The system is installed on my Fujitsu P1610 which I use as an e-book reader and ultra-portable.

I ran the DVD inside Windows, then I chose to archive the old installation and install the new version from scratch.

Here is a screenshot of the archived Windows folder, apparently Microsoft has implemented some alien technologies we are not aware of that magically bend time!

Windows 7 Created in Future
Click on the thumbnail for the full size image.

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Why should Linux triumph over Windows?

Jack Wallen from TechRepublic has posted an article titled “10 reasons why Linux will triumph over Windows“. The article has attracted many readers and comments, so, here’s my question: why should Linux triumph Windows?

Let’s start by taking Jack’s points one by one.


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Windows 7 Build 6801, a Snappier Vista

When Windows Vista was first released, I was disgusted by its bugs and general unstableness. I mean, copying only a few hundreds of files causing memory overflow was seriously not cool, not to mention the awkward software and hardware compatibility at that time. Windows Vista, when it was first released, was a beta software at best.

Things have been improved since then. I know quite a few people who are happily using Vista without any glitches. For the others including myself, it was too little too late. Some people chose to downgrade to XP, and I chose to fully migrate to OS X.

This is not a post about OS X vs Windows though.

It’s all about Windows.


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