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PageRank not Working – Here’s a Fix

I reinstalled my Google Toolbar in Firefox recently to check out some of the newer features that might impact SEO and brand reputation (such as Google Sidewiki). Unfortunately doing so caused the PageRank feature of the toolbar to stop working. Reinstalling and restarting didn’t help but here’s what did (courtesy of this post):

  1. Enter “about:config” into Firefox’s Address Bar.
  2. Right-click on any item in the list of preference names, select “New,” then click “Boolean.”
  3. Enter “google.toolbar.firstrun.done” as the new preference name, then click “OK.”
  4. Select “True,” then click “OK.”

Now my only problem is finding pages which actually have something written about them in Sidewiki. So far the only page I’ve seen with comments was the Sidewiki page itself… :)

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