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PHP Namespace – $this->sux

Federico makes an interesting point about the PHP Namespaces Controversy on his PHP::Impact blog. I never thought about the mess that is PHP until I saw his comparison table:

Attribute/Method access:
Static method access:
Package access:

Attribute/Method access:
Static method access:
Namespace access:

Attribute/Method access:
Static method access:
Module access: 

Attribute/Method access: $foo->bar
Static method access:    Foo::bar
Namespace access:        C:\foo\bar\baz

I guess I can’t complain though as the syntax of PHP is still a lot closer to more “traditional” languages than something like Ruby (not talking about the namespace, just the language in general)… :)

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One Response to “PHP Namespace – $this->sux”

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  1. 1

    PHP’s access things are taken from C/C++.
    C/C++ have . -> and :: for different things.

    Having the :: makes it easier to see static methods, as you and stick a non-initialiuzed class into a variable if you want (although usually that would be silly)

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