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Wuit – building web applications that make sense

Okay, here is a *very* early teaser, please check out Wuit. Make sure you sign up for the notification, we will inform you about our products and services once they become available.

In a nutshell, Wuit will develop a series of open source and commercial applications, stay tuned. :-)

Meanwhile, please feel free to follow us: @wuitcom, @fredwu and @scotti3g.

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Joining Envato

If you are reading this blog, there’s a high chance you are a web developer, or a designer, or an entrepreneur. And if you are, you probably have heard of, or are a fan of Envato, the company behind the marketplace websites, the Tuts+ websites, FreelanceSwitch and other awesome websites. If you haven’t already, go check ‘em out, because well, they are awesome. :)

I am very proud to announce that, I will be joining Envato next week, as a full time software developer.

My immediate responsibility will be primarily focused on the Tuts+ network of websites. But if you know Envato, and if you know Collis Ta’eed (CEO of Envato), you *know* there will be more awesome websites/services popping out in the future.

It was such a wonderful experience chatting with the guys and gals at Envato. The Rails development team (lead by John Barton) also excels at Hacky Sack. :)

Want to know more? You can follow me on Twitter at @fredwu.

Here is a list of current websites under the Envato umbrella.

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5 SitePoint Books for $29.95 – Help Bushfire Victims

SitePoint have a fantastic sale until Friday the 13th where you can buy 5 PDF versions of their books for just $29.95 USD. That’s $149.75 worth of value for just $29.95.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, all proceeds of the 5-for-1 sale will go to victims of the recent bushfires in Victoria, Australia! Let’s help the SitePoint guys reach their target of $50,000 for Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. Those Management & Business books look mighty good to me – but I might grab a PHP, CSS or design book too for good measure.

Help SitePoint raise $50,000 for bushfire victimes – 5 books for only $29.95

The bushfires are still burning and the death toll may go over 300. When you couple this with the pain the survivors are feeling (through loss of friends, loved ones, animals, property…) it’s even more devestating. If you ever thought about buying any of the SitePoint books please take up this opportunity.

Thank you.

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Where did go?

It’s gone! :)

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to present this new website:, with my fellow developer friend Scott Gruer! Together we are working hard towards a better blog as well as some interesting projects.

Scott and I have been working together for more than 2 years now. We share very similar goals and mindsets, we believe our collaboration will not only do ourselves a favour, but ultimately also to produce even more values to the web design and development community.

If you are a regular visitor or subscriber of, you’d notice that I haven’t been posting much lately. Rest assured, this new website will pack a lot more content, from coding to beyond coding. :)

If you haven’t already noticed, all the page links as well as RSS feeds are now redirected to this new domain name, but just in case, please update your bookmark!

Oh by the way, a brand new identity and theme are in the works and they will be published in the coming few weeks.

“Our interests are in the future, because we’re going to spend the rest of our lives there.”

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Class naming convention in Zend Framework makes life harder

First of all, not all parts of the Zend Framework enforce the class naming convention, at least not upon calling ‘em. For example, view helpers are called directly by the ‘chopped’ class name:

// actual class name:
class Path_To_The_CustomViewHelper {}

// calling it in the view:

Also, models are both named, and called by their class names without any paths (but yes we have to include them in the include paths).

You would think that in most cases calling the classes by their full names (with paths) should work, right?



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Firefox on OS X and Linux: Spell Check and Mouse Gestures

Since I fully switched from Windows platform to OS X, I noticed that the spell check in Firefox no longer works. A quick google search revealed that the problem is caused by All-in-One Gestures and persists on both OS X and Linux.

I have been using All-in-One Gestures on Firefox for a very long time (primarily on Windows). Fortunately I only use the two very basic gestures: back and forward, so it’s okay to ditch it and find an alternative.

There are only two alternatives to date: Mouse Gestures and FireGestures. The former has not been updated since 2006 and breaks the spell check at least on my system. So I gave FireGestures 1.0.5 (the current version on the Firefox Extension website) a try, sadly it breaks the spell check too. I then went to the developer’s website and found out that there is a 1.1 dev version, and it has what I have been looking for: [Linux][Mac] Fixed bug: Breaks inline spell checker (Alternative words is not showing).

Downloaded, installed, and sweet, the spell check is back! :)

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