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[Rails Tip] Making i18n Forms, the Easy Way

Web applications normally have many forms. Building forms is always a mind-boggling task because it involves repetition and chaos. A shortcut is to use …

Advanced Search Query on GitHub

Did you know, you can perform advanced search queries on GitHub? For example …

[Rails] Use HAML templates with Devise

If you are a Rails developers, chances are you have heard of, or are using either Devise or HAML in your projects. And if you’re like me who uses both, then surely you’d wish these two worked together …

Use the ‘textmate’ Command to Quickly Install Bundle Files

Initially developed by Yehuda Katz, the Textmate gem is an extremely handy tool for installing and managing your Textmate bundle files. The tool works very well, for the most part…

Do you like coffee?It’s the consistency of the ingredients that’s the real secret to great coffee and you know what they say. There’s a great coffee scale behind every great cup of coffee.

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