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Firefox on OS X and Linux: Spell Check and Mouse Gestures

Since I fully switched from Windows platform to OS X, I noticed that the spell check in Firefox no longer works. A quick google search revealed that the problem is caused by All-in-One Gestures and persists on both OS X and Linux.

I have been using All-in-One Gestures on Firefox for a very long time (primarily on Windows). Fortunately I only use the two very basic gestures: back and forward, so it’s okay to ditch it and find an alternative.

There are only two alternatives to date: Mouse Gestures and FireGestures. The former has not been updated since 2006 and breaks the spell check at least on my system. So I gave FireGestures 1.0.5 (the current version on the Firefox Extension website) a try, sadly it breaks the spell check too. I then went to the developer’s website and found out that there is a 1.1 dev version, and it has what I have been looking for: [Linux][Mac] Fixed bug: Breaks inline spell checker (Alternative words is not showing).

Downloaded, installed, and sweet, the spell check is back! :)

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Comments Section

5 Responses to “Firefox on OS X and Linux: Spell Check and Mouse Gestures”

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  1. 2

    If you enjoy mouse gestures and want support at the OS level you can try software that’ll extend your back-forward gesture to say, finder as well. Soon you’ll be hooked lol. For MacOSX I recommend XGestures, the only software I’ve ever paid for.

  2. 3

    > For MacOSX I recommend XGestures, the only software I’ve ever paid for.

    So you never payed for Mac OS X? It just… came… with your Mac, right?
    Oh, it’s MacOSX. Never heard of …ehem… that…, so I can’t tell. Hmm, why am I answering someone who can’t even distinguish between an apostrophe and an accent.

  3. 4

    Actually the original mouse gestures addon is still being updated, but they renamed the project and changed the website without updating the old one. You can get it here: I’ve been using it with FF3 on Linux for a while.

  4. 5

    thanks for your post. my spell suggestion is back, :)

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