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Oh, where did my theme go?

Ever since the word ‘blog’ has been invented (or discovered) I have played many different solutions, WordPress has always been my favourite. My old sites run on it, and my new site (what you are currently seeing) run on it.

I had a very tiring day, actually it’s a two-day roll. I’ve been completely sucked into making the theme working, and as a result of that I did not sleep at all last night. Fortunately the website is now up and running, all the basic stuff are done so in the upcoming few days I will be doing more adjustments and tweaks.

A few moments ago I took a quick nap, and I woke up seeing my theme was gone: WordPress reverted back the system to its default theme (K2). I never encountered such problem before so I googled it. Sadly no satisfactory results had been found. Right now I’m just going to rename the theme to ‘default’, seems to be working fine. :)

To make the site more user friendly and eye catching, I’ve installed this AJAX comments plugin. It works really well. The best part is, it is completely non-obtrusive! Drop the plugin to the WordPress plugin folder, enable it, and voila! On the side note, the plugin has just recently switched from to jQuery, which works very well for me, since I’m a jQuery-er. :-)

I also spent sometime playing with AJAXed WP and Better-Than-Live AJAX Search. While they’re really cool, they don’t offer the same level of user friendliness. In order to make the two plugins work I had to mess around with the theme, which make ‘em not so portable and may potentially break in the future releases of WordPress.

All in all though, I am enjoying using WordPress and I’m really glad to see it progressing well. :)

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    hello, I like the design of your blog. What’s the theme you’re using or is it custom design? thanks.

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